1. Facilitation × Global LeadershipHow to foster global leadership with facilitation

  2. Facilitation × DiversityHow to encourage the collaboration in diverse group

  3. Facilitation × Organizational DevelopmentHow to transform our organization with facilitation


  1. Delivery of Global Roll Out Training in Local Language in Japan

    Knowledge Signs has been involved in a lot of glob

  2. Facilitation for the cross-cultural group

    We deliver the facilitation for the cross-cultural

  3. Facilitation Training For English Speakers in Japan

    We deliver facilitation training workshop in Engli


  1. 1.172020

    We’d like to express our ...

    We were sadden to hear Neil Peart passed away at the age of 67 last week.He playe...

  2. 10.22019

    Live Graphic Recording Re...

    Knowledge Signs delivered live graphic recording for an international conference "GCI...

  3. 9.292018

    Hideyuki Yoshioka on the ...

    "SINCA" brand-new event by Yoko Ishikura has launched inviting 5 guest speakers.On ...

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