Hideyuki Yoshioka on the podium as a guest speaker in “SINCA” produced by Yoko Ishikura 29th September 2018

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“SINCA” brand-new event by Yoko Ishikura has launched inviting 5 guest speakers.

On 28th September 2018,a  brand-new event called “SINCA”produced by Yoko Ishikura has launched inviting 5 guest speakers. “SINCA” means in Japanese “evolution”. And this represents a key attitude to turn the tide from “Talk” to “Walk”.

Opportunity and Space for Action by relevant groups and individual in Open Forum.

As an opening, Yoko Ishikura shared her view for the latest global landscape. It was followed by a panel discussion with 5 special guests who have interesting and unique career. 

Hideyuki Yoshioka is a guest speakers among 5 panels.

Guest Speakers

Yusuke Suzuki/鈴木 祐介 氏

Google Japan Campaign Manager

TED/TEDx Director of TEDxTokyo, Co-Founder of TEDxNihonbashi, Head of TEDx Japan Portal Project, and TEDster

Satoko Ueyama/上山 聡子 氏

Recipe & Market CFO

Opening 3 new French restaurants with new concept at Roppngi and others after working for Bank of Japan and McKinsey & Company.

Yuka Tanimoto/谷本 友香 氏

Forbes JAPAN Deputy Editor/副編集長
She has arranged Interview with more than 3,000 global leader and VIP like Tony Blair, former PM of UK

Masaki Takao/高尾 正樹

CEO& CO-FOUNDER JEPLAN INC./日本環境設計株式会社 代表取締役
“Circulate Everything “ is the vison of JEPLAN INC. He founded JEPLAN INC in 2009 and developed the bio-ethanol production technology from cotton. The medal of Tokyo Olympic 2020 would be created by their recycling technology of used mobile phone.

Hideyuki Yoshioka/吉岡 英幸

CEO KNOWLEDGE SIGNS Global Facilitator/
株式会社ナレッジサイン 代表取締役

He has trained many global leaders thorough global facilitation workshop over the past 5 years. CPF (Certificated Professional Facilitator by IAF)





イベント参加の感想 by 吉岡英幸







This post is also available in: ja日本語 (Japanese)

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