1. “Learn Inclusive Facilitation for cross-cultural group” Facilitation Skills Workshop “SPOTlight on Facilitation” 6-7 March 2020

    What is Facilitation?Facilitation is the art and science to enhance group creativity.Facilitation skill is basically to handle the discussion an...

  2. Yoko Ishikura presents “SINCA” Launch Event on 29th September

    石倉洋子氏が新たにスタートするシリーズ "SINCA"石倉洋子氏がファシリテーターを務められ、5年間続いた「ダボスの経験を東京で」シリーズをリニューアルし、SINCAシリーズとして新たに石倉洋子氏プロデュースで行うこととなりました。

  3. Visual Facilitation Lab 2-day Workshop in Tokyo by Tim Hamons 21-22 March

    Tim Hamons, highly renowned innovator of graphic recording and visual facilitation will run 2-day workshop in JapanTim Hamons, the founder of "Art o...


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