Visual Facilitation Lab 2-day Workshop in Tokyo by Tim Hamons 21-22 March

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Tim Hamons, highly renowned innovator of graphic recording and visual facilitation will run 2-day workshop in Japan

Tim Hamons, the founder of “Art of Awakening” is well known as a high profile graphic recorder and visual facilitator with over 20 years experience in leading teams and individuals towards greater success.
He also runs numerous times of training workshops where audiences can learn to use the powerful tools of visual communication to more effectively engage team or individuals.

It’s a second but really rare chance to take his workshop in Japan. Please don’t miss it.

Why this workshop?

Successful meetings are well designed and facilitated, deliver great outcomes, and empower participants to move forward with clarity, tools and ideas to make meaningful change.

Graphic facilitation is the process of identifying, expressing, and moving ideas and conversations forward using visual tools, models, and methods. In a business world of growing complexity and challenges for our attention, there is an urgent need for clarity in our communication, identifying and expressing a clear and compelling vision as a leader, and having a broader range of tools for team engagement as a facilitator.

We will share with you our processes and methodology, real-life stories and “a-ha moments” from over 20 years experience in training, facilitation, and working visually. We will aspire to model everything that we have learned and use with clients to create a stimulating environment, and tangible learning outcomes using visual tools.


Who is this for?

Are you a team leader, trainer, presenter, meeting facilitator, process designer, working either internally in an organization or having your own business? Are you working in a role where communication and collaboration are essential? Do you want to bring more engagement, clarity, and creativity to your meetings, facilitation, and learning events? Do you want to become a more valuable thought partner in the design and delivery of your programs?

A meeting facilitator, trainer, or speaker who uses visual tools, sends a message to the audience: “this is going to be different”, this is going to be more collaborative”, this is how we can begin to create a culture of innovation in our organisations”

Why work Visually?

85% of your audience are visual thinkers. Learn to use the powerful tools of visual communication to more effectively engage your learners, team, and clients.

Benefits of Working Visually

People feel heard and acknowledged when they see their voices and comments reflected in the context of the overall group objectives
Visuals create a lasting and enduring tangible takeaway from the agreements and commitments from the meeting
Makes you stand out as a meeting facilitator or presenter
Invites deeper discussion and dialogue on the issues presented
Encourages big picture thinking, reducing conflict, leading to greater alignment on objectives.
Helps to create clarity and focus in a multiple language environments
Visuals help to focus attention and invite participation

Workshop Flow

Day 1


※You can learn what it looks like from this workshop report video run in Japan September 2018.

※You can also refer to the workshop report run in Japan September 2018.

You will learn the fundamentals of working with visuals and by the end of the day will be able to present your ideas visually.

This includes the following outcomes:

  • Development of visual vocabulary and ability to generate ideas rapidly with visuals
  • Creation of visual flipcharts for your training or meetings
  • Practice in clear lettering and layout
  • Making Ideas Stick will provide you with a foundation of the tools, and techniques of working and thinking visually, as well as hands-on practise in using visual tools for group learning & facilitation.

In this session we will:

  • Create a foundation in the tools of Visual Thinking & Visual Recording
  • Build a framework for listening, synthesizing, and presenting ideas to support any communication objective.
  • Build core skills of Visual Recording in listening, synthesizing, drawing, writing quickly and legibly, combining images and words to create meaning and use colours effectively
  • Create a “whole-brain friendly” language of visual elements, icons and metaphors to energize your business communications
  • Learn how to communicate concepts and structures using simple visuals through a series of simple questions and perceptual frameworks
  • Learn how to create more “Wow’s” in your programs with specialized templates and tools for group learning processes
  • Visual Workshop Activity Session

Day 2


※You can learn what it looks like from this workshop report run in Japan September 2018.

Facilitation is the art of creatively moving a group forward to the desired objective, with full ownership of the outcomes. This interactive workshop will give you a working foundation on the tools, skills and strategies to energize group processes, improve decision making and boost engagement using visuals.

Equipped with Module 1 core skills and visual thinking tools, Module 2 will support program facilitators in creating more engaging and dynamic learning environments, processes and outcomes.You will learn to use visual tools to facilitate a variety of individual and group communication objectives, including case studies on corporate visioning, branding, customer engagement, and your individual client facilitation work.

In this session we will:

  • Apply Visual Recording skills to Visual Facilitation
  • Design a meeting or training with visuals
  • Expand and integrate visual tools into your facilitator’s toolkit using visuals for a variety of business setting including agenda design, participant check-in, action planning, decision making, strategic visioning, idea mapping, brainstorming
  • Create engaging flipcharts and facilitation templates
  • Develop and use metaphors, visuals to support facilitation objectives
  • Boost problem solving and idea generation by getting groups to draw collaboratively
  • Facilitate groups and teams with visual

Workshop Particular

Date/Time 21 Thursday -22 Friday March 10:00 AM -6:00 PM
Venue Granpark Conference Meeting room 303
Tamachi Granpark Plaza Level 3, 3-4-1 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo
Seating capacity 20 participants
Organizer Knowledge Signs Inc.
Facilitators Tim Hamons
Attending fee Early Bird Price 108,000 Yen(Registration by 21st February)
Regular Price 118,800 Yen(Registration after 21st February)
*Both includes tax
*Payment in advance basically needed.

*Registration is closed


Tim Hamons

Timothy Hamons is a dynamic and creative trainer, and facilitator, with over 20 years experience in leading teams and individuals towards greater success. He designs and delivers programmes on personal and organizational creativity, and facilitates visual thinking / visual recording to capture, connect, and synthesize key conversations at conferences, strategy sessions, and innovation initiatives.

He worked with Landor Associates in San Francisco and London and developed corporate identity and communications programs for clients from a variety of industries in Europe and America. In 1991 he moved to Singapore, where he started and ran his own successful visual communications consultancy for 10 years. He has worked with over 50 leading companies in Europe, USA, and Singapore to express their identity and values through written and graphic communications programs.

He has led teams and has supported training events in the personal development industry for over 20 years. He has worked as an assistant trainer with much leading training and events organizers including Success Resources, Money & You, and AsiaWorks. He is an active member of the Facilitators Network of Singapore, and Asia Professional Speakers- Singapore. 

He contributes to community development through his volunteer work with a variety of organizations. He has mentored at-risk youth through a programme called “CampVision” and supported families to develop a “ creative family vision” plan with People’s Association.

 He has designed and delivered workshops, facilitation, and visual harvesting sessions for many leading organizations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South-East Asia and Australia.

Message from an organizer

Hideyuki Yoshioka CEO of Knowledge Sings Inc.

It’s great honor to invite Tim Hamons to run his tremendous workshop of visual facilitation. In my belief, he is undoubtedly the greatest visual facilitator in the world. I witnessed amazing his visual recording in IAF Asia conference Singapore in 2014. And I learned the power of visual facilitation. Since then I’ve been longing to introduce his method of visual facilitation to Japanese audiences. I believe this will be the beginning of your new journey

CPF(Certified™ Professional Facilitator)
SPOT on Facilitation Certified Trainer by FNS(Facilitators Network Singapore)
Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator

Venue Access

Granpark Conference Meeting room 303
Tamachi Granpark Plaza Level 3, 3-4-1 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo

5 mins by walk from JR Tamachi Station
7 mins by walk from Toei Mita-Line Mita Station 

※The entrance of the venue



This post is also available in: ja日本語 (Japanese)

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