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Hideyuki Yoshioka, CEO

代表取締役 吉岡英幸

Born in Kobe City, 1963.
Graduated from the department of business administration of Kobe University in 1986.

1963年神戸生まれ。神戸大学経営学部 卒業

-IAF CPF(Certified™ Professional Facilitator)

-SPOT on Facilitation Certified Trainer by FNS(Facilitators Network Singapore)

-Management 3.0  Licensed Facilitator

Starting his working career at Recruit Co. ltd., a company well known as “The most disciplined company bringing out many entrepreneurs in Japan”, Hideyuki founded Knowledge Signs Co. Ltd. in 2003.
Hideyuki has been actively involved in facilitation for over 15 years specializing in applying facilitation skills
to presentation training, sales training and project management training. Since 2013, he has presented
at the IAF (The International Association of Facilitators) Asia Conference for 3 years.


■Language Japanese/English

■International Certification 国際的なファシリテーター資格
IAF CPF(Certified™ Professional Facilitator)
SPOT on Facilitation Certified Trainer by FNS(Facilitators Network Singapore)
Management 3.0  Licensed Facilitator by Happy Melly One

■International Partners 海外の教育機関との提携
C2C Organizational Development(USA, India, Asia)  登録トレーナー/ファシリテーター
MPI (UK, USA, Dubai) 契約トレーナー/ファシリテーター
Top Concept(EU)  登録トレーナー/ファシリテーター

■AI(Artificial Intelligence)に関する活動
WBAI 全脳アーキテクチャ・イニシアティブ サポーターズ 広報担当

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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