“Learn Inclusive Facilitation for cross-cultural group” Facilitation Skills Workshop “SPOTlight on Facilitation” 5-6 June 2020

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What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the art and science to enhance group creativity.

Facilitation skill is basically to handle the discussion and lead process to ensure the groups find out better conclusion.
It helps clients or meeting organizers clarify the true requirement of the meeting and set up Objectives, Goals. And then facilitators join the meeting to lead the process of discussion in place by using various techniques, tools, frameworks and sometimes magic. 

It contains psychological approaches, project management frameworks, critical thinking, human relationship skills and practical consulting methods.

Why Facilitation?

In this global era, we need to work together with diverse background people. And maximizing group creativity while keeping diversity and encouraging inclusion is the most important role of global leaders.

Facilitation skill is the key skill for global leaders to achieve these objectives.

1.To help groups focus on a common objective under the diverse situation
2.To assist in planning and making decision for more critical topics
3.To help groups generate and synthesize ideas by borrowing diverse perspective
4.To manage conflict that comes from the difference of cultural background
5.To encourage groups implement action plans by assuring collaborative environment

Facilitation training for English Speakers in Japan

For English Speakers in Japan, it’s so hard to get chances to take Facilitation training workshop where participants can learn in English language while staying in Japan.

This workshop “SPOTlight on Facilitation” is developed by Singapore based organization and conducted in English. In this workshop, you can learn facilitation in English and experience real diversity situation with various background people. And you can join the broader network of global workers in Japan.

What you will learn in SPOTlight on Facilitation

This workshop covers the fundamental area of facilitation as below.

-Basic function of a facilitator

-Basic process of facilitation as 4D Model
 1. Determining the client’s requirement
 2. Design the agenda and process
 3. Delivery of facilitation
 4. Debrief and Discovery

-Facilitator’s core practices
-How to determine objective, output and business outcome

-How to design the appropriate agenda and process
-How to engage the group
-How to lead the process
-How to use effective frameworks and tools for divergent and convergent phase
-How to manage the difficult situation in the meeting

You will also learn how to address the typical situations in Japanese dominant group.

Many foreign workers in Japan experience the typical situations in Japanese dominant group as below.
In such cases, you need to facilitate the group effectively with understanding and respect of the cultural back ground.
Facilitators of this workshop are so well experienced to facilitate the mixed cultural group which contains Japanese or the group dominated by Japanese. 

You can learn many practical ways to address such situations.

1. Everybody’s silent
2. Autocratic atmosphere
3. Few people reveal what in their mind

For Whom

This course will be life changing for everyone who wants to excel in the following areas:
– Facilitating meetings, workshops, & training that engage all participants
– Organizing and Designing workshops, offsite meetings and trainings which invite various back ground groups across the globe.
– Applying facilitative style to management, consulting, Teaching, training or any other professions.
– Teaching learners in an engaging and facilitative way encouraging self determination

The attributes of past attendees are as below
– IT department leaders or engineers in charge of global issues
– HR department leaders or staffs in charge of global issues
– Sale leader or staffs involved in international sales activities
– R&D researchers who work together with various counties’ staffers
– Employees who will be transferred to outside Japan

Professional involved in teaching, training, coaching, consulting


Workshop Flow

Day 1
-Definition of facilitation and the 4D facilitation model
-4 key factors of process facilitation, S.P.O.T (Space, Process, Outcome, Time)
-Core practices of a facilitator
-Flip chart and other creative visual aid best practices
-Introduction to the basic process tools for facilitating discussions
-How to manage conflict

Day 2
-Graphic facilitation tips
-Practice: facilitation demo-practice with break-out groups using case study
-360 degrees feedback

#You can review a workshop flow shortly in this 10 mins workshop report video.

#Quick report of the past workshop page is here.

Simple method of graphic facilitation

In this workshop, we shortly cover how to apply graphic drawing to facilitation.

You can join continuous learning community as SPOT alumni

All participants automatically become a part of the SPOT on Facilitation in Japan alumni community gaining access to on-going opportunities for practicing global facilitation.
We constantly organize SPOT Alumni Gathering in every other month.

This is the past SPOT Alumni Gathering report


Workshop particular

Date/Time 5 Friday- 6 Saturday March 2020  10:00-18:00
Venue Granpark Conference Meeting room 302
Tamachi Granpark Plaza Level 3, 3-4-1 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo
Seating capacity 12 participants
Organizer Knowledge Signs Co Ltd
Facilitators Stefan Nüsperling
Hideyuki Yoshioka(Bilingual co-facilitator)
Attending fee ●Early Bird Rate(Registration by May 5)  110,000 Yen(Including tax)
●Regular Rate(Registration after May 5) 121,000 Yen(Including tax)
*Payment in advance basically needed.
Cancel Policy ●Cancellation within May 5 to May 29  50% Refundable
●Cancellation within May 30 to June 4  20% Refundable
●Cancellation after June 5  No Refundable
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You can sign up via Peatix here



Hideyuki Yoshioka A bilingual co-facilitator

A organizer of this workshop, CEO of Knowledge Signs Co Ltd

Born in Kobe City, 1963.Graduated from the department of business administration of Kobe University.
Hideyuki Founded Knowledge Signs Co. Ltd. in 2003.
Hideyuki has been actively involved in facilitation for over 16 years and had dealt with a lot of global meeting under the cross cultural situation. Particularly in the mixed group which contains Japanese and foreign participants, Hideyuki can address in exquisite way to encourage group dynamics based on his experiences.

-IAF Certified Professional facilitator (CPF)
-SPOT on Facilitation certified trainer
-Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator

Stefan Nüsperling

Stefan is a trilingual (German, English, Japanese) IT-Professional with more than 10 years of experience in Change Management, Agile Methodologies, Facilitation and Management 3.0. He has worked with multinational enterprises in the fields of Leadership as well as Software Development in Japan, South Korea and Germany. As a certified Scrum Master and the first licensed Management 3.0 facilitator in Japan he helps people to give them the ability to improve their organizations into innovative, high-performing and fun places to work.
He has run more than 30 public and in-house facilitated workshops in Japan with an average rating of 8.5 (of 10.0).
-SPOT on Facilitation certified trainer
-Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator


Text Book SPOT on Facilitation


SPOT on facilitation shows 4 key elements for process facilitation Space, Process, Outcome, Time.
And it introduces many useful tools for process facilitation.
Participants can learn core competencies for a facilitator and learn how to use a plenty of methods and tools from SPOT on facilitation during workshop.
And also in actual business scenes you will be able to apply many methods and tools referring




Testimonial of past attendees

Testimonial interview of past attendees 1

Testimonial interview of past attendees 2

Venue Access

Granpark Conference Meeting room 302
Tamachi Granpark Plaza Level 3, 3-4-1 Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo

5 mins by walk from JR Tamachi Station
7 mins by walk from Toei Mita-Line Mita Station 

※The entrance of the venue



This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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