What is “Groove Making”? Groove Making Journey Vol.1

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Human communication in the future of post Singularity

Let’s groove. It might sound music topic. But it’s about a kind of team communication topic.

Looking further the future, when Singularity happened, where will human being go?

I have two ways of prediction. The first one is pessimistic. If the machine transcends human intelligence, human will not be able to survive. As the law of the survival of the fittest showed in the life form history, the species which don’t have any unique ability will die out.

Because all abilities of human can be emulated by machine. Human will be no longer worth existing to produce something.

The another one is a little bit optimistic. Human will seek for the way to acquire something new ability which can not be enacted by machine.

Our human communication system is really rational and engineering like. All communication modes, verbal or non-verbal, are logical and systematic. Even emotion can be computed as Reward-based system. In the future, machine will be seen as far more communication skilled worker rather than human.

Nevertheless, there’s still mysterious zone in human communication system. When we talk about communication, we exchange something information, verbal or non-verbal. Either way we are really conscious to send or receive something. However sometimes we’re exchanging our vibe while not being conscious.

Temporary well engaged situation with no empathy

For example, band ensemble. In the Rock band, players play own instruments and co-create music. Players are really conscious to communicate and resonate with band mates by playing music along with correct ways of musical ensemble. Players know how to manage to play well to keep correct notes, tempo and rhythm and make effort to fulfill their roles.

At the same time, players focus on making groove. Groove means a temporary well engaged situation where music sounds great and quite comfortable for audiences and also players.

Perhaps most of audiences can point out when they can feel “Groove emerges.” Of course, band mates really feel it.

Recently music programming software can emulate “Groove” by specifying factors to bring the groove and calculating how parameters should be modulated.

But no one can find when it comes and why it comes. The situation when the groove comes up is really like the good team work and collaboration in our work place. When we resonated with each other, we can make lots more performance by team than usual.

Quite unique thing about the band playing is that band mates don’t necessarily get along with each other when they often make the great groove.

Basically, band players are selfish, and mostly band mates don’t share mutual vision and they try to stand out alone in the session. It might sound far away from the word “Collaboration”.

While focusing on self-satisfaction, seeking for team achievement. That contradiction-like exquisite team building communication can be done only by human. Machine can not emulate.

It’s “Groove Making”.

If we can adapt this, it will work in the work place where people face tough situation in team working. It will bring better collaboration without enforcing empathy.

And the one who helps to find the groove in the team will be called a Groove Master.

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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