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CEO Profile
Hideyuki Yoshioka, CEO
代表取締役 吉岡英幸

Born in Kobe City, 1963.
Graduated from the department of business administration of Kobe University in 1986.
1963年神戸生まれ。神戸大学経営学部 卒業
-IAF CPF(Certified™ Professional Facilitator)

Born in Kobe City, graduated from the department of business administration of Kobe University in 1986.
Starting his working career at Recruit Co. ltd., a company well known as
“The most disciplined company bringing out many entrepreneurs in Japan”, Hideyuki worked for 17 years.
In 2003, Hideyuki founded Knowledge Signs Co. Ltd.
As a professional facilitator, Hideyuki has crafted unique methods of facilitation and consulting. Hideyuki has been involved in professional facilitation for over 20 years and facilitated almost a thousand times of meeting.
Hideyuki always commits very critical meetings that require critical outcomes as enterprise mid-term strategies, organizational development plan, digital transformation plan.
And also has plenty of experiences to facilitate cross cultural group.
Hideyuki is always influential to facilitator’s community in Japan as a spearhead to lead new challenges.
Hideyuki has conducted original workshops in IAF Asia conference for three years in a row since 2014.
Hideyuki Yoshioka is also known as a musician, a stand-up comedian.



■Language Japanese/English
■International Certification  国際的なファシリテーター資格
IAF CPF(Certified™ Professional Facilitator)
■YouTube Channel   @2112hide
■Stand Up Comedy Appearance  @Tokyo Comedy Bar

Company Overview


Company Name       Knowledge Signs Inc.

Top Management           CEO Hideyuki Yoshioka
                                        代表取締役 吉岡 英幸
Location                          Canadale Hatagaya 601, 2-18-4 Hatagaya Shibuya-Ku Tokyo, 151-0072 Japan
                                         〒151-0072 東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷2-18-4 カナデール幡ヶ谷601
TEL                                  +81-3-6381-6190
Foundation                     April-10 2003
Services                         1.Facilitation Services (English&Japanese)
                                        2.Global Leadership Development
                                        3.Communication and Sales skills Training
                                        4.Manager Training
                                        5.Consulting Services for Organizational Development
                                        6.Consulting Services for Digital Transformation & Mid-Term Planning
                                       Amicus Therapeutics
                                       Biznet Corporation
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                                       Chepro Corporation
                                       Computer Institute of Japan, Ltd.
                                       Dropbox Japan
                                       FUJITSU LIMITED
                                       Fujitsu Marketing Limited
                                       Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
                                       Hitachi Seisakusho, Ltd.
                                       Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
                                       IMJ Corporation
                                       Infotec Inc.
                                       The Japan Research Institute, Limited
                                       JBCC Corporation
                                       Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd
                                       KPMG Ignition Tokyo
                                       The Mercedes-Benz Group AG
             Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
                                       Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation

                                       Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
                                       NEC Corporation
                                       NEC Patent Service, Ltd.
                                       NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
                                       NTT COMWARE CORPORATION
                                       NTT DATA MSE CORPORATION
                                       NTT DATA SMS CORPORATION
                                       Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
                                       Nikkei BP Marketing,Inc.
                                       Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
                                       OTSUKA CORPORATION
                                       Panasonic Corporation
                                       QUALICA Inc.
                                       PERSOL Panasonic HR PARTNERS Co., Ltd.
                                       PRESIDENT Inc.
                                       The Prudential Financial Life Insurance Co.、Ltd.
                                       SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION
                                       Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.
                                       Sumitomo Life Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
                                       TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
                                       TIS Inc.
                                       YAMATO HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
                                       YAMATO LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.
                                       YAMATO SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.
                                       Etc; (Alphabetical order)

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