Facilitation skills Training(English)


Various skills trainings

5 Reasons you need Facilitation to enhance your inclusive leadership
1.To help groups focus on a common objective under the diverse situation
2.To assist in planning and making decision for more critical topics
3.To help groups generate and synthesize ideas by borrowing diverse perspective
4.To manage conflict that comes from the difference of cultural background
5.To encourage to groups implement action plans by ensuring collaborative environment


What you will learn
●Basic process of facilitation
●Core practices to demonstrate functional facilitation
●How to design appropriate agenda
●How to use effective tools for Divergence and Convergence phase
●How to manage the conflict and the difficult situations
●How to facilitate the cross-cultural group






10-minute  workshop report video

Testimonial of past attendees


Hideyuki Yoshioka   English/Japanese bilingual facilitator
CEO of Knowledge Signs Inc.

Born in Kobe City, 1963.Graduated from the department of business administration of Kobe University
in 1986. Firs career was built in Recruit Co. ltd., well known as “the most ambitious company bringing
out many entrepreneurs in Japan”. Founded Knowledge Signs Co. Ltd. in 2003.
Hideyuki has been actively involved in facilitation for over 20 years specializing in applying facilitation skills
to presentation training, sales training and project management training. Since 2013, he has presented
at the IAF (The International Association of Facilitators) Asia Conference for 3 years.
-IAF Certified Professional facilitator (CPF)