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We accommodate your delivery plan tailored to the local situation.

If you look for someone who delivers your training in local language, you reached out the best solution.
Knowledge Signs has been involved in a lot of global roll out trainings and able to assign well qualified English/Japanese bilingual trainers, facilitators.
There are many opportunities to roll out global training contents in multi-national companies. And the challenge in global roll out training is to ensure the same quality in any local organizations.
In Japan, as most of trainees are Japanese speakers, it’s very difficult to deliver the training in English. Training administrator needs to hire English/Japanese bilingual trainers, facilitators.
In most of cases of local delivery of global roll out training in Japan, it requires contents customizing or editing tailored to the local situations.

You can suggest any request for the local delivery.

You can ask us to deliver your content without any modification. If you need to translate the content into Japanese or localize the content tailored to the local situation, it’s available as well. 
Based on a lot of experiences, we can accommodate your delivery plan tailored to the local situation.


Some of Past deliveries

HPE(Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
QVC Japan

Your reliable Facilitator
Hideyuki Yoshioka CEO of Knowledge Signs Inc.

Born in Kobe City, 1963.Graduated from the department of business administration of Kobe University
in 1986. Firs career was built in Recruit Co. ltd., well known as “the most ambitious company bringing out many entrepreneurs in Japan”. Founded Knowledge Signs Co. Ltd. in 2003.
Hideyuki has been actively involved in professional facilitation for over 16 years specializing in organizational development, change management, Mid-term plan formulation, IT system global roll out project, HR system developing and SDGs adaptation management. Hideyuki is well experienced for the cross-cultural group facilitation.
-IAF Certified Professional facilitator (CPF)
-SPOT on Facilitation certified trainer
-Management 3.0 Licensed FacilitatorLanguage: Japanese, English
Available: Japan, Singapore, other areas in Asia, North America, Eu